What Difference Can ePortfolio Make

What Difference Can ePortfolio Make? A Field Report from the Connect to Learning Project

Connect to Learning (C2L) is a FIPSE-funded project coordinated by LaGuardia Community College (CUNY) that links ePortfolio teams from 24 campuses nationwide into a supportive community of practice. Launched in 2011, C2L focused on exploring and documenting ePortfolio strategies to advance student, faculty, and institutional learning. Working together, the C2L community has developed a rich resource website, Catalyst for Learning: ePortfolio Resources and Research (http://c2l.mcnrc.org), that offers data, strategies, and expertise from C2L campuses. Our work has addressed two overarching questions: (1) “What difference can ePortfolio make?” and (2) “What does it take for ePortfolio to make a difference?” Focused on the first question, this article examines C2L findings through three propositions: (1) ePortfolio initiatives advance student success; (2) making student learning visible, ePortfolio initiatives support reflection, social pedagogy, and deep learning; and (3) ePortfolio initiatives catalyze learning-centered institutional change. Based on an array of evidence from campus practices and narratives—along with the C2L Core Survey, administered on campuses across our network— C2L findings advance our collective understanding of the power of integrative ePortfolio practice and its potential to support student, faculty, and institutional learning. Moreover, these findings offer multiple avenues for further research, analysis and theory-building. We believe the future of ePortfolio depends in part on our collective ability to gather, analyze, and share evidence of the difference ePortfolio initiatives can make and, therefore, offer these preliminary findings for broad consideration, testing, refinement and improvement.

Article by Eynon, B; Gambino, L; and Torok, J.

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