IIP – Difficult Conversations Spring 2019 Overview

NEW!   Inclusive & Intercultural Pedagogy Series

at the Center for Teaching and Learning

RSVP now for Difficult Conversations; IIPS series at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Lunch will be provided.

The theme this Spring semester will be Difficult Conversations in the classroom and studio. Helping students find respectful and culturally inclusive ways to deal with controversial issues is an important skill in higher education.  Because of discomfort in both students and faculty, controversial topics are often avoided and sometimes failed miserably. In these series we will look at how we might strategically include these topics into our teaching plans, how we can anticipate and respond to hot topics and engage in self reflection about our own assumptions on knowledge, our own teaching practices, the curriculum, and power. I look forward to seeing many of you at these events!  **Please note, the these sessions were originally scheduled for April 2 and April 9, but due to a scheduling conflict, they had to be moved to April 1 and 8.

  • Mar 5 (Tue) at noon: Mirror Mirror on the Wall: A Reflection on Unquestioned Norms.  
    • What happens when we inquire into our own comfort level of discussing ‘difficult topics’ with our students? What’s our own teaching style and academic cultural preferences – that are often habitual and perhaps not always culturally inclusive.  What are the unquestioned norms and standards we follow and might there be ways to design learning for ‘others ways of knowing’?
  • Apr 1 (Mon) at noon**:  Turning Hot Topics into Learning Outcomes.  
    • How do difficult topics fit with your learning goals?  What skills and attitudes do you promote and value in your classes and studios and how could ‘difficult’ topics actually be opportunities to foster these skills? Using a case study, we’ll dig deeper into discovering how to model, facilitate, support and wrap-up such a discourse.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT SUPPORTS THE PRATT FOOD PANTRY, consider donating one non-perishable item upon arrival: https://prattctl.com/ctl-supports-the-food-pantry/
  • Apr 8 (Mon) at noon**: The Art of Planning and Directing.
    • What are *your* ground rules for discussions and critiques? When do you establish them, how do you communicate them, clarify them, refer to them throughout the semester?  How do *you* create a safer classroom or studio atmosphere — let’s share our guidelines for holding spaces for open-minded and respectful exchanges.


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