LDC – Spring 2019 Overview

Learning Design Conversation Series CONTINUES!

at the Center for Teaching and Learning

RSVP now for Learning Design conversations at the Center for Teaching and Learning. Lunch will be provided.

This Spring semester, we’ll continue our conversations about Learning Design, inspired by L Dee Fink’s (2013) book, Creating Significant Learning Experiences. For those who attended our Fall sessions will remember that we set out to inquire our assumptions about learning goals, clarified our dreams and explored integrated course design models.  This semester the conversation will focus on course-level assessments, including but not limited to grading, feedback and criteria.  Learning Design is a skill that relies on different conceptual tools – and as with any skill, it requires practice, repetition, engagement, purposefulness and feedback.  I look forward to seeing many of at these events!

  • Jan 29 (Tue) at noon: Educative Assessment.  
    • When you assess student work in your classes or studios, do you practice an audit-ive, backward looking assessment? Or do you go beyond the grades and use educative assessment to enhance the learning process?  How might we design ‘forward looking’ authentic assessments for better learning?
  • Feb 20 (Wed) at noon:  Grading Criteria and Standards.  
    • What are *your* grading standards and how are they tools for learning?  What written set of criteria do you share with your students to help them understand your grading and expectations? How do the students know what they need to do in order to get each level of points? Can we use and then go beyond checklists, rubrics, and handouts?
  • Mar 25 (Mon) at noon: Self Assessment and Feedback.
    • How do we teach quality self- and peer critique and feedback? What’s the role of reflection and dialogue in assessment for learning?  How does FIDeLity assessment become a motivating force for engagement?  PLEASE NOTE: THIS EVENT SUPPORTS THE PRATT FOOD PANTRY, consider donating one non-perishable item upon arrival: https://prattctl.com/ctl-supports-the-food-pantry/
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