Faculty Shares Art History Resources

Janice Robertson, Visiting Associate Professor, History of Art & Design Dept shares the following resources:

  • Developing a South/North Native & Latin American Axis within the Art History Survey (Janice shares strategies for weaving native (Pre-Columbian), colonial, modern and contemporary Latin American Art into the art history survey in an inclusive manner—in the process developing a South/North axis that interacts with the mainstream narrative.)
  • Ramon Tejada: Decolonizing (graphic) Design (Designer and Teacher, Ramon Tejada confronts and questions Design History, and it’s lack of representation (in the form of work, practices, practitioners, and perspective) of people of color and their narratives. Looking at the current state of Design and its development to date, Tejada asks how we respond in a culture that is embedded in systems, methods, and structures that colonize our thinking and making?)
  • Towards a More Inclusive Pedagogy: VoiceThread Class Projects Turn Text-Based Teaching Practices On Their Head (Janice’s recorded workshop from Pratt’s Teaching as Learning Forum: Provocations, Proposals and Possibilities)
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