Black Lives Matter Pratt 2019 Teach-In: Safety and Well-Being

This years’ Teach-In on Safety and Well-Being brings together perspectives, ideas, and theories related to a very core concern to all on campus: how do we feel safe and what can well-being mean to us and what does it look like? The theme of Safety and Well Being interrogates the idea of what safety is within the grander context of an oppressive society. How do we practice self-care when faced with not only institutional racism, but with overt racist behaviors and attitudes? What steps do we take towards wellness? The goal of Black Lives Matter Pratt (BLM-Pratt) is to showcase workshops and panels from some of the most creative and critically forward thinkers of our time. We believe in fostering conversations that inspire, educate and engage with the Brooklyn community in substantial ways. 

BLM Pratt 2019 Teach-In:  Safety and Well-Being

Date: Friday, April 12, 2019

Location: Pratt Student Union

We welcome proposals for the Teach-In from all on campus: students, faculty, and staff. To submit a proposal for a session, please submit a workshop submission request form. We welcome non-traditional formats, performances, spoken word, workshops, readings, dance, anything you feel you would like to share on campus. Deadline for proposals is Friday, March 8th, 2019. Questions? Please contact us at blm@pratt.eduAbout the OrganizationBlack Lives Matter Pratt is a group of students, faculty, staff, and alumni working together to transform our campus culture, address systemic racism and create dialogues around the racial inequality within our institution and fostering activism within our campus body.

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