Mapping Outcomes & Learning Initiatives (MOLI): The Finissage

Beyond MOLI

The Finissage

When:   March 19, 2019 (Tuesday);   4-6 pm

Where:  Library, 2nd Floor East Reading Room

Who:  Anyone interested in learning outcomes and assessment, curricular improvement, alignment and building structures to optimize and visualize student learning experiences is welcome to attend, no RSVP.

The Mapping Outcomes & Learning Initiative (MOLI) attempted to map learning outcomes across Pratt’s curriculum and co-curriculum, making visible the learning that happens within and across disciplines, departments and other units.   MOLI hoped to foster student success by helping students better understand their educational paths. It hoped to educate administrators, faculty, prospective students, their families, and the community of art and design schools, about what students learn at Pratt and where; and it endeavored to identify areas for curricular and co-curricular improvement.

In “Beyond MOLI,” we will present the project’s genesis, methodology, and development; data visualization and analysis; and implications for research and practice. Finally, as MOLI has wrapped up, we hope to think together about future overtures and fruitful continuation along various paths including: faculty learning communities; cross-departmental work on outcomes and assessment; and the building of structures that optimize student learning experiences while informing our work in designing and curating curricula.


Amir Parsa – Office of the Provost

Chris Alen Sula – School of Information

Craig MacDonald – School of Information

Jessie Braden – SAVI



Judit Török, Center for Teaching and Learning

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