Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon: Nonbinary & Gender Nonconformist artists + Wikipedia for Education 3/19/19

Pratt Institute Libraries’ second annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in collaboration with Art + Feminism will take place on March 19, 2019 from 8:30 AM-8:00 PM. This year’s edits will center the contributions of Nonbinary & Gender Nonconforming artists, and is designed to improve coverage of gender, feminism and the arts on Wikipedia overall.  
Of particular interest to the CTL Community is a 6 p.m. panel on Using Wikipedia in Education, details on the panel are below, full details in the flyers attached. Editing will take place in the Library’s Lower Level Learning Lab, talks will be in the Alumni Reading Room. 

6-8 pm, Alumni Reading Room:Panel on using Wikipedia in education featuring:

Ryan McGrady (Wiki Education): Ryan is Scholars & Scientists Program Manager at the Wiki Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that builds bridges between academia and Wikipedia. He is also a volunteer Wikipedia contributor, and board member of Wikimedia NYC.
Megan Wacha (CUNY, Wikimedia NYC): Megan advances equitable access to information and publishing through her dual roles in libraries and the Wikimedia movement. As the Scholarly Communications Librarian for the City University of New York, she leads CUNY’s 31 libraries in the development and management of CUNY’s open access institutional repository, CUNY Academic Works. Megan is also an active Wikipedian and the President of Wikimedia NYC, a volunteer run non-profit committed to connecting New Yorkers and New York institutions with Wikipedia, Wikimedia, and the larger free culture movement.
Heather Hart (Black Lunch Table): The Black Lunch Table (BLT), first staged in 2005, is an ongoing collaboration between visual artist and SAIC professor, Jina Valentine, and New York-based public artist Heather Hart.The BLT’s primary aim is the production of discursive sites, wherein cultural producers engage in dialogue on a variety of critical issues. BLT mobilizes a democratic (re)writing of contemporary history by animating discourse around and among the people living it. BLT provides a critical platform for exchange, currently staging nomadic Wikipedia edit-a-thons and community roundtable discussions worldwide.
Alice Backer (AfroCROWD): Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD) is an outreach initiative and Wikimedia usergroup which seeks to increase awareness of Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture, and software movements among potential editors of African descent. Since its launch during Black Wiki History Month in 2015, AfroCROWD has sensitized thousands in its target audience about free culture crowdsourcing and the need to close the multicultural and gender gaps in Wikipedia. 

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