CTL Library: Announcing 4 new books

Announcing four new books for the CTL book collection.  Print copies are available at the Center for Teaching and Learning and for most books, ebook versions are also available through the library. These resources focus on creating space spaces for conversations around oppression in the classroom and on campus.  

In John Palfrey’s Safe Spaces, Brave Spaces, learn about how diversity and free expression play an essential role in the college campus. Palfrey’s proposal of two types of spaces–safe (where students can explore ideas) and brave (where uncomfortable discussions can be held) help us find ways to remember and act on our commitment to difficult but necessary change.

In Derald Wing Sue’s Microaggressions in Everyday Life you will find information on how to combat the microaggressions we face in society from race to gender. Through better understanding the psychology that goes into enacting these biases, we are more easily able to work against them in our daily lives.

In Beth Berila’s Integrating Mindfulness into Anti-Oppression Pedagogy, learn about ways to empower your students through mindful discussion on controversial social justice issues. Through a deeper understanding on how these conversations can be guided to allow students the chance to recollect their own experiences, faculty will find ways to implement anti-oppressive pedagogies in their class practices.

Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility makes space for important and constructive conversation around how to combat white fragility–where does it begin and how does it perpetuate a systemic practice of racism in our society? Through understanding where these problems begin we can work toward challenging the structures of white power and forming more productive cross-racial relationships.

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