Assignments Against the Grain: Inclusive Pedagogy Design Workshop Series

Three Mondays this Fall Semester:  Sept 23, Oct 28 and Nov 25 at noon

Location: CTL (Library, 2nd Floor)

Facilitated by Kim Bobier, Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of the History of Art and Design

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In collaboration with the Center for Teaching and Learning, “Assignments against the Grain” will offer interdisciplinary faculty programming for designing inclusive class assignments and exercises. During the 2019 fall semester, this programming will take the form of a three-part workshop series, conducted through three sessions.

September 23 at noon – Workshop Part I: The first part will convene faculty participants to forge a collective understanding of what inclusive pedagogy means and its implications for workshop members’ classes.

To enrich this discussion, the facilitator will come equipped with reference points, such as prompts, helpful scholarly definitions of inclusive pedagogy, and related lists of resources and tools. To arrive at a shared description of inclusive pedagogy, the workshop participants will discuss terms and understandings about inclusive pedagogy as well as general and personal challenges of fostering it in their classes. Finally, the group will refine this description for the CTL site. The CTL and facilitator will also share this description with participants of Part I as well as those participating in Part II who missed Part I.

October 28 at noon – Workshop Part II: Participants will draw on the description generated during Part I to think through strategies for designing class assignments and exercises that promote inclusive pedagogy.

Participants will brainstorm issues, such as the different categories of such assignments/exercises, what inclusive designs of them should entail, and possible examples of designs to develop. The outcome will be a long list of brainstormed ideas, which the CTL will capture and share with the whole workshop group, including participants who missed Part II. For those planning to attend Part III, this list will serve as a guide for individual reflection and investigation before the last workshop meeting.

November 25 at noon – Workshop Part III: Drawing on the list from Part II, participants will determine a few categories of assignments/exercises (based on assignment type, e.g., reading response, research paper, class presentation/critique or particular competences or kinds of consciousness) and based on these categories will designs for inclusive assignments/exercises that apply to multiple disciplines and target the group’s specific category for a CTL class assignment/exercise vault.

First, each small category-specific group will develop and draft at least a couple of inclusive assignments/exercises. Each small group will share their proposal of assignments/exercises, and in response, participants will offer input and help tweak these proposals. The facilitator will then compile and document these proposals for a class assignment/exercise vault that the CTL will make available more widely online.


Part time/Visiting faculty qualify for a stipend if they attend all 3 workshops in this series.  Stipend paperwork will be processed at the last workshop of the series.

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