Asynchronous Audio & Video Lecture Recording

Low Tech

  • Lecture notes copied directly into the body of emails, including inline images and attachments

Medium Tech

High Tech

  • Video Recording:
    • Kaltura Video Capture: Simple recording of the professor speaking or showing their screen.Kaltura’s Personal Capture is available via This allows faculty to record both their lecture and their desktop simultaneously. These videos can then be hosted on or embedded throughout the internet. Videos require no editing as viewers can dynamically choose between the two windows of content in real-time. To record your Lecture or Presentation:Just visit and login with your OneKey. Click ADD NEW in the upper right and choose KALTURA CAPTURE Download and Install the software (Mac or PC) Choose your screen, camera, and microphone sources, then record your lecture or presentation. Once finished, click SAVE AND UPLOAD to save the video to your MY MEDIA page.
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