How Faculty Can Support Students during Social Isolation

Faculty play an important role in the lives of college students. There is much stress and anxiety that faculty need to manage.

In this webinar, JED’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Sofia B. Pertuz, Ph.D. moderated a panel of experts on how faculty can provide support for their students during distance learning while keeping in mind the needs of particularly vulnerable student populations.

Here are recommendations from this webinar on 10 Ways to Maintain Your Vitality in Teaching (Pappas, S (2020). 10 ways to maintain your vitality in teaching, APA Monitor on Psychology, (Apr/May).)

  1. Keep Changing
  2. Give Active Assignments
  3. Do Dull Tasks first
  4. Forge Connections with Students
  5. Make Lessons Accessible
  6. Bring in Real World Issues
  7. Stay Current with New Strategies
  8. Network and Collaborate
  9. Teach What Matters Most
  10. Know Your Strengths

To read panelist bios, please go to this link:

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Below are a couple important slides and highlights from this webinar:

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Love is Louder


Active Minds website


Steve Fund website

The Steve Fund Homepage – April

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