Special Topics: Zoom Interactive Calls Schedule

We invite all faculty to sign up to participate in ‘Special Topics’ Zoom calls over the Summer. All of these Zoom calls will be 1/ interdisciplinary 2/ interactive and 3/relevant to teaching your Fall online/hybrid courses.

Special Topics: Improv for the Teaching Artist * Games, exercises, ice breakers and processing tools for remote connection, engagement and play
Special Topics: Building Spaces Student-led boards, chat rooms, and water coolers (and other literal and figurative spaces) for your online course
Special Topics: Critique Activities (First Year Focus) Leading your 1st years through online critique activities–exploring platforms, protocol
Special Topics: Reflection Portfolios (Milanote heavy) Exploring platforms for image and text-based reflections, with an emphasis on Milanote
Special Topics: Synch/Asynch Balance How to find the perfect mix of interaction both in real-time and not
Special Topics: Critique Activities Exploring platforms, protocol, and best practices for critique in your online class
Special Topics: Upping Your Zoom Game* Breakout groups, team-building activities, artist studio visits, individual meetings, student cafes, quizzes and polls, preventing zoombombs, etc.)
*actual quote from a repeat student
Special Topics: Jamboard Intensive For participants eager to learn more about Jamboard, available in our Google Suite and as part of the M3 activity
Special Topics: Canvas Pedagogies An open session on Canvas pedagogies, with a focus on creating a home page and a gradebook
Special Topics: Trauma-informed Bonus A bonus workshop focused on UDL, Trauma-informed pedagogies, and Accessibility

More sessions will be added on a rolling basis.

Sign up to participate by clicking here.


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