Hollis Witherspoon: Improv for the Teaching Artist

Our colleague, Hollis Witherspoon, teaches in the Graduate Visual Art department here at Pratt and is running a few Special Topics sessions as part of the CTL’ s Resilient Teaching Online series. With a focus on improvisation, Hollis facilitates her workshops with games, exercises, ice breakers and processing tools for remote connection, engagement, and play. 

So far, Hollis writes that she has had “great feedback from a variety of faculty in different disciplines of how this work might support their online teaching”. 

Please find below three resources Hollis uses to inform her improv sessions, including this article from Second City (yes, that Second City). She’s included “1) the ‘rules’ of improv (some would say ‘life’ rules that can be applied to anything) and 2) a great, scientifically supported article on how improv can improve divergent thinking and increase tolerance for the unknown (very important these days!).” 

If you’re interested in working with Hollis in her Special Topics improv session, please sign up here for more times in August, just before our Fall semester begins.

Thanks, Hollis!


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