Hybrid Course Design

A new challenge is facing our faculty this fall: how to engage students in a hybrid-online course.  See the recommendations by Beth McMurtrie below.

Design a fully online class and think of the in-person part of it as an enhancement to the core of your coursework.

Think of class time as a place to connect and regroup, as well as to review content.

Ask a student in class to pair up with a remote student through a Zoom chat room to work on a problem together.

Ask students to respond to your questions through live polling, for example through Zoom.

Encourage collaborative note taking, in which students take turns working in a shared online document.

Make sure that all materials, assignments, group work, and other activities are housed in your learning-management system (Canvas or Moodle LMS)


For additional resources also see:

Open source workbook on Hybrid-Flexible Course Design by Brian Beatty.

Active Learning in a Hybrid and Physically Distanced Classroom by Derek Buff.



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