Avoiding Zoom Fatigue

Here are several helpful resources about how to avoid videoconferencing fatigue that you might be interested in for yourself, or feel free to share with your students.

First, here is an article (by The UCL Online MBA) that suggests (among others):

1/ Adjusting your web-cam

2/Mimicking eye-contact

3/ Minimizing distractions

Avoiding video conferencing fatigue while working remotely

Here is another one (by Harvard Business Review) that suggests:

1/ Avoiding multitasking

2/ Building in breaks

3/ Switching to phone calls when available

How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

Another article (by Vidyard) talks about (among other things):

1/ Establishing no meeting time blocks

2/ Having an agenda and scheduling in breaks

3/ Making meetings shorter

12 Tips That Actually Help with Zoom Fatigue

And finally, here are suggestions for using mindfulness-based techniques (by Mindful):

1/Taking a few moments before clicking “Start” to settle and ground your attention

2/Taking the time to truly greet whoever is in the room with your full attention

3/Reminding yourself periodically that this is a new place between presence and absence

Zoom Exhaustion is Real. Here Are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected

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