Conflict Avoidance and Wicked Problems in the Online Classroom

The CTL welcomes all faculty to attend our monthly scheduled interactive conversations around topics on teaching online, hybrid and beyond. Themes may include: logistics of critiques, group work, supporting international students, policy vs recommendation, etc.

Our next Interactive Conversation is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21 at noon.  The topic will be ‘Conflict Avoidance and Wicked Problems in the Online Classroom‘.

Some of the questions we will address are:

  • Are you only teaching your content, or are you including discussions of various ‘conflicts’ from around us (social, racial, political, environmental)?   If yes, how do you do it? If not, what is your reason for avoiding it?
  • Should the classroom/studio be a place where students should ‘just forget about the world’ so they can ‘be in the flow and create’?  Or is it our responsibility to tackle these ongoing and difficult issues in the world/in our communities during our teaching?
  • How do we teach with Wicked Problems?

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