Resources for: Supporting International Students

Last month we were happy to welcome 15 colleagues to an Interactive Conversation about how to Support International Students Online. So many rich topics were touched upon in our hour long lunchtime get together– how to navigate challenging classroom conversations, how to collaborate more across departments, and how we might move toward concrete change in the Pratt community.

Below are some resources that were generated and shared as part of that Interactive Conversation.
First is the Padlet wall we all populated during the conversation. We used it as a space to brainstorm ideas, as well as share successes and challenges this semester has brought with it, particularly with our International students in mind.
Padlet: Supporting International Students
Also, please find colleague Amanda Hyunh’s slides. An outstanding resource, they outline the many ways that she creates a rich sense of community–something that is useful for all students, but especially our International Students who, for myriad reasons only compounded this semester, might feel further distanced in an online setting. Thanks to Amanda for her willingness to share!

Click here to view Amanda Hyunh’s Slides

Here are some additional resources:


With continued conversation, we might reach some forms of action together as a community. Please join us Wednesday, October 21 at noon for our next Interactive Conversation: Conflict Avoidance and Wicked Problems.
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