Update a Colleague: Kara Hearn at Ashoka

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Ashoka U Exchange:
March 18 2021
I attended multiple sessions and left the conference with a lot of new ideas and feeling supported in the DEI and community building work we’ve been doing in Film/Video. It was great to learn that there is a network of colleges and universities that consider themselves “changemaker campuses” where social justice and social innovation are integrated into the entire curriculum and the culture of the campus. We have a lot of this work going on at Pratt but I love the idea of the campuses really integrating this into their identities in a big way. Here are some of the some of the ideas that stood out to me, not all new ideas but all worth mentioning.

* Listen to students. Bring them into the conversation and the planning. They often know what they need.

* Cultivate a community of care- “we all succeed or no one succeeds”.

* Invest time and energy in the power of the micro. Individual conversations, relationships, and connections can lead to great things.

* Apply creation logic. Try something, learn something, listen to feedback. Repeat. Be responsive.

* A focus on purpose, compassion, and strengths is integral to organizational happiness.

* Try appreciative inquiry- strength-based focus instead of problem solving- negativity bias. Ask “If everything paused and you could magically return to our institution a year from now, but it is an institution that completely supports the well-being of all constituents, what would it look like? What would you do more of? Less of? What would you start doing?”

* We must meet this moment and lead with love.

Kara Hearn, Film/Video

Resources from this event:


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