Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues in Your Classes

Fall 2021 Programming

Supporting Students with Mental Health Issues in Your Classes

This classroom management-focused faculty programming is brought to you by a collaborative effort of the CTL and L/AC. The goal is supporting faculty to respond effectively and  appropriately to students with accommodations, especially  those with mental health disabilities. The aim is to  create  a flexible “space” in  classrooms to navigate the unexpected, providing encouraging and empathetic responses while still  maintaining a focus on classroom learning,    During this mini-series, we’ll discuss ways of normalizing the communication in the classroom, doing appropriate referrals to counselling and the LAC, and role-play various classroom-based scenarios,  including  critiques, written feedback and  outreach around absences.

Date and Time: Wednesdays; October 6 and October 13 at 10 am

Format: Online


Stipend:  Part time faculty, upon completing the requirements (attend both synchronous sessions and submit their reflections and a survey) will earn a $200 stipend.

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