Recordings and Resources: Milanote Workshops

Recordings from Milanote Basics Workshop

On Sept. 13, 2021 we held a workshop discussing the benefits of using Milanote for asynchronous teaching and demonstrating the basics of using the tools Milanote has to offer.

On Tuesday, September 21st 10-11:30am, we held a second session where we discussed more advanced uses of Milanote, in addition to specific uses of Milanote for teaching critiques.

Please find below the recordings from both sessions. Here is a link to the Milanote board we used in these workshops.

Video Timecodes:

  • 00:00 Intros and discussion
  • 09:52 Starting the demo
  • 39:05 Example from a drawing class
  • 45:00 Embedding in Canvas
  • 50:00 Additional discussion

Screenshots shared during the workshop:

Session 2: Milanote for critiques

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