Faculty Spotlight – Fall 2021

Join us for this online faculty-led series where colleagues highlight a certain classroom practice, technological platform, or pedagogical approach they’ve found invaluable and especially relevant for cross-departmental sharing. Each Spotlight will take place on virtually and will be about 20 minutes of sharing with plenty of time for questions, answers, and conversation in the rest of our hour together.

Our participating faculty:

  • Monday, September 27th from 12-1pm: Amit Kalra (from ComD) will share how he goes about using the platform Miro for in-class workshops, with a bit also about how the platform facilitates feedback in his classes. Please register here.
  • Thursday, October 21st from 3-4pm: Peter De Staebler from HAD joins us to talk about his 2021 CTL Fellows project, ReThinking the HAD Survey. His Fellows project considers how the global approach in the HAD Survey could be more fully realized; how art and design could be more consciously intertwined; what the course would look like if we created our own shared instructor resources and no longer relied on an outside textbook. Please register here.
  • Monday, October 25th from 12-1pm: Karyn Zieve (from HAD) will once again work her Milanote magic showing how she used the platform for both semester-end projects and community-/class-populated information gathering boards. Please register here.
  • Monday, December 6th, 12-1pm: Tori Purcell from Photography joins us to talk about her 2021 CTL Fellows project, Decentering the frame: expanded ways of knowing. Tori will share how she engaged the department as a whole – faculty, staff, students, and administration – in collective conversations and sharing of ideas and experiences in order to cultivate a shared commitment and a variety of strategies to enhance learning and understanding. Please register here.
  • Thursday, December 9th from 12:30-1:30: Monica Maceli (from School of Information) will talk about her CTL Fellows work on “Social and Ethical Issues in Computing”. Please register here
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