Milanote Tips – Sharing and Publishing

Milanote Tips – Sharing and Publishing Boards

Milanote is an online interactive whiteboard space that can be used for collaborative work, resource sharing, critiques, and more. To see our other recent posts and tutorials on Milanote, click here.

This post explains the various sharing settings for your Milanote boards, and how to embed Milanote board on Canvas.

This first image below explains the various icons found on the board links, which indicate the sharing settings of that board:

This second screenshot describes how to publish a board that you have created once you have clicked on and entered that board:

This third screenshot indicates how to invite others to edit the board, and how to generate a link so that anyone who clicks the link can edit the board:

HOW TO embed a Milanote board on a Canvas page:

  1. Open Milanote and navigate to the board you want to share on Canvas
  2. Click “Publish & Share”
  3. Check the box that reads “Generate HTML Embed Code” as shown below in Fig. 1 (if you published the board without generating the embed code, you will need to click “Unpublish” and repeat steps 3 – 5)
  4. Click “Publish via Secret Link”
  5. Copy the now provided embed code
  6. Open the Canvas course that you want to share the Milanote board with
  7. Select a page in that course
  8. Click “edit” to enable the rich-content-editor
  9. Select the newly uploaded image, and click “Insert” -> “Embed” -> paste the link from Milanote (as shown below in Fig. 2)

Fig. 1:


Fig. 2:   


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