Resources: Disability is Diversity

Disability is Diversity: Culture Change Needed to Make Higher Education Truly Accessible

We are glad to share the recording and an article summarizing last week’s NADOHE webinar- “If Your Diversity Doesn’t Include Disability, It’s Not Diverse Enough”. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review these resources and contribute to a culture of genuine and proactive inclusivity at Pratt.

These resources elaborate on the need for institutional change, in both policy and culture, to support people of varied abilities and disabilities and remove the burden of advocacy from the individual. “In a socially just institution, disabled students don’t bear additional responsibility for access that non-disabled students are simply privileged to have (quote by Jamie Axelrod, from this webinar recording).” Campuses and other institutions must work proactively to create truly inclusive environments for all students, faculty, and staff. This webinar includes a panel of experts who provide their expertise and answer questions submitted throughout the webinar.

Subjects discussed in this webinar include: Universal Design in the Classroom, ableism in historical and current admissions processes, the differences between compliance and cultural work, and more.

Click here for the Webinar Recording. Password: u+s4RC&e   “We see students with disability can gain access to higher education without inclusion or a sense of belonging,” said Charnessa Warren, director of Student Disability Services at the University of Chicago. “If higher education is to move beyond what must be legally done to embrace shared responsibility, there must be the acknowledgment that compliance and culture are separate words. Compliance is focused on the legal obligations—it’s the floor, not the ceiling, of what can be done. Culture is who we are and who we aspire to be.” Click here for the full article.

Pratt Resources for Accessibility

For students:

For faculty and staff:

For more information about accessibility at Pratt, please click here.

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