Joyce J. Scott: A Conversation about Rules

Please join us on February 8th at 12:30pm for a discussion with artist JOYCE J. SCOTT as we explore the theme of RULES -how they are made, played, broken, bent, mended and redrawn – in our practices and disciplines. 

Joyce works across media from printmaking to weaving, sculpting and performance. She is best known for her work in beading and glass and for the challenges she raises to the rules of community and culture. 

While the event is designed for first-year students who will be concurrently exploring this concept in their classes, everyone in the Pratt community – students, faculty and staff – is warmly welcome to attend this exciting interdisciplinary conversation. This is the third installment in the biannual First-Year Conversations series, a regularly recurring set of conversations exploring how fundamental concepts are transformed when taken up by artists, thinkers, and practitioners working in different media and disciplines. 

This event will happen on Zoom and be recorded for greater access. Register for the event using this link. 

We would like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of this event by the Faculty Development Fund and the departments of Foundation, History of Art and Design, and Humanities and Media Studies.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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