Interactive Conversations: Protocol Series

Interactive Conversations: Protocol Series – Spring 2022

The CTL welcomes all faculty to attend our monthly scheduled interactive conversations around topics on teaching online, hybrid and beyond. In the Spring 2022 semester, we plan to focus our Interactive Conversations on using Protocols.  Join us to try out these protocols and discuss their possible applications in classroom settings! Dates and Times:
  • Consult to Clarify: Wednesday, February 2; 12:30-1:45 pm – RSVP here
  • Empire State Partnership: Wednesday, March 2, 12:30-1:45 pm  – RSVP here
  • PAUSE: Wednesday, March 30  11:00 am -12:30 pm – RSVP here
  • TBD: Wednesday, April 6; 10:30 – noon  – RSVP here
In education, protocols are ways of structuring a conversation with the aim of providing deep feedback, engaging in problem solving, and listening that generates productive conversations. Join us at the CTL this Spring for a series of Interactive Conversations as we focus on a variety of formal protocols we think you might find useful for your classroom or studio teaching, including critiques, group-work, and one-on-one sessions. Here are a few that we have found useful, but there might be others that come up throughout the semester:
  • Consult to Clarify
  • Empire State Partnership Protocol
  • PAUSE practice  (experiment) – open to bring your own
Details about these protocols:  Consult to Clarify Protocol:
  • Done is triads
  • Three rounds of short presentations followed by timed feedback
  • Requires some vulnerability on the part of the presenter
  • Generally a very supportive structure for all involved
Empire State Partnership Protocol:
  • Done in one medium group
  • One round of presentation, observation, discussion and reflection upon the unspoken curriculum
  • Involves a careful observation of student work
Requires some vulnerability on the part of the presenter to hear the feedback PAUSE practice:
  • Done in small groups
    • P- Presence. Be present and show up with your whole self
    • A – Ask. Ask introspective questions, share curiosity in form of questions
    • U – Understanding. Become aware of different forms of understanding, including sensations, feelings, gestures and metaphors
    • S – Synergy. Build a new Synergy through deep listening and generative conversation
    • E – Evolve. Notice what is emerging and evolve your practice.
  • On person presents; a couple minutes of pause (P); ask curiosity questions (A); mirror back understanding images etc (U), generative discussion (S); Reflection (E)
  • Reflection and closing
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