FLC 22/23: Reflection Lab – Call for Applicants

FLC 22/23: Reflection Lab – Call for Applicants

Q&A Session on Wednesday March 30th, 10-11:00am. Click here to join the call!


Deadline for application:  April 4, 2022 

Reflection Lab: What is your reflective practice? How does it serve you? 

In these recent years of immense change – socially, pedagogically, personally – it seems we’ve hardly had a chance to catch our breath and look back on all this change for a chance to reflect and evaluate.

Sometimes this reflective practice is a personal quest, with the aim of iteration or change. Reflection can also be a collective consciousness-raising effort, considering social forces and the influences they may have. Either way, we hope you’ll bring your reflective project to our 2022-2023 Faculty Learning Community: Reflection Lab (FLC.RL). 

We present this Reflection Lab as an opportunity to reflect on classroom or studio practices or occurrences, large or small, that you would like to witness and reimagine through several iterative cycles of reflection, discussion, research, practice, and back to reflection over the course of a year. Whether on the micro or macro level (from an awkward or excellent moment, to an entire course or pedagogical approach consistently providing surprises), bring in something that you would like to spend time reflecting on and reimagining. 

  • What went right? 
  • What went wrong? 
  • What could you do differently?
  • Is there anything you learned from the experience?
  • How does this shape your thinking and doing? 

In each cycle of reflection we will, together as an FLC, engage in deep scholarship of teaching and learning work, building practices, resources, and connections.

A one year commitment to this deep cycle of reflection will begin with a kickoff on April 29, 2022 from 12 (noon) to 3 pm and continue throughout the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters with monthly meetings and workshops. We’re sharing an article with you to ignite your curiosity about ways that reflection has been understood, and maybe it could spark some discussion for our April Kickoff event!

The deadline to apply is April 4.

Members of the FLC will gain the many benefits of cross-disciplinary collaboration and scholarship. Part-time faculty will receive a compensation of $1500 stipend ($750 each semester). FLC participants will also have an opportunity to present their preliminary work at the Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning and submit their work for the CTL Journal, iteratio /i.te’ra:.ti.o/, in May 2023.  

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