Serenity and Grit

In this series of workshops we explore in-depth practices of meditation (mindfulness, compassion and insight) and positive education exercises (UPenn positive psychology Dept). The goal is to both create communities of care and explore how we might bring this awareness that awakens in deep silence, within our drawing, and writing. And then how might this awareness enter  into our classes, offices, studios, kitchens….. our daily life. So serenity and grit is the invitation for a framework for our lives. 

Facilitated by Rhonda Schaller, Visiting Associate Professor and  AVP for Resilience, Wellness and Well-being. The program was originally offered as a Fulbright project at MTU, Crawford School of Art and Design, in Cork, Ireland during Rhonda’s visit in Spring 2022.

This series runs virtually for 4 weeks from 12:30 – 1:50 PM (EST) on October 24, October 31, November 14, & November 21.

Register here by Oct 17 to reserve your spot.

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