Observing Teaching – Deep Dive Community

Facilitated by Julie Pochron (Photo) and Clelia Pozzi (GCPE)

Have you ever been curious about what goes on in other teachers’ classrooms at Pratt? In this Deep Dive we will be learning about the pedagogical benefits of classroom observation for the observer as well as the teacher being observed, focusing on practices of low-inference observation and student-centered learning outcomes. 
We will put those theories into action: Participants will observe student learning in one of the facilitators’ classrooms, and will have the option of opening their classroom to an observer. Because this practice will be happening live, so to speak, some flexibility in scheduling will be important for the full benefits of the Deep Dive. Beyond potentially expanding your repertoire as a teacher, these benefits may include: increased self-confidence in your teaching, developing a community of colleagues across disciplinary boundaries, and clarity about your goals for student-centered learning.

We will ask you to complete a Reflection Action plan –  as in our previous DDCs – as part of showcasing work together and for part time faculty to qualify for the stipend. 
(No previous DDC experience required. Small Groups and Individuals encouraged to apply.)

  • October 13, 12:30-2PM: Meeting 1 
  • October 19, 1PM-2PM: Observation 1 (participants observe DD leaders)
  • October 27, 1PM-2PM: Meeting 2 
  • Scheduled Independently b/t Oct 27 – Nov 10: Observation 2 (Participants optionally observe one another’s classrooms or a different DD leader)
  • Nov 10, 1PM-2PM: Meeting 3
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