Virtual Research Caves (ViRC) Fall 2022

Virtual Research Caves (VIRC) are focused working sessions, offered through the CTL for Pratt faculty to support research and writing SoTL work within a community.  VIRCs are scheduled approximately once per month and are structured to enable focused progress on your work, with an added community accountability for your efforts.

Click the dates below to RSVP!

Here is what previous participants have said about VIRCs:

  • I love the idea and I am always looking for ways to concentrate more deeply and be less distracted
  • I was 90% productive – I got through my to-do sprint list and drafted a document I’ve been avoiding for over a month!
  • What I find most helpful about these sessions are the quiet, focused companionship
  • I was able to get very focused and enjoy tasks that I thought would be rather painful to carry out

For more information about Cave Day process — which originally inspired Pratt’s Research Caves —  or to join their professionally-led sessions, please see their website here:

For additional tools on utilizing for focused work, see these resources:

Click here to view the presentation around the theory behind this type of work from our very first session

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