Gradeless Classroom Panel Discussions

Please join us as we continue the rich and invigorating discussions around the potential for a gradeless classroom here at Pratt. Throughout this fall series, we’ll hear from a panel of colleagues from Writing, Foundation, HMS, ComD, and others about their research and classroom experiences, and then leave plenty of time for a discussion afterwards. No prior knowledge is required!

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  • Panel Discussion with Diane Cohen –  10/6 at 11am 
    • Keeping things approachable when it comes to both the introduction to and execution of the gradeless classroom with students, Diane teaches within a framework built on the premise that the goal is to feel a sense of pride in the work students create. In this conversation, she’ll discuss the idea of personal progress (the idea being that students are not competing with anyone else in the classroom; perhaps only their own past work/past perspective/past habits/past ideas about strengths and weaknesses as an academic) and the influence that has on assessment with her HMS classroom.

    • This 80-minute workshop specifically foregrounds the problems of grading (as a technology of oppression & prophylactic against difference & complexity, etc), & integrating these problems into the study & learning activities of a course in any field.

  • Writing Workshop with Claire Donato and Pareesa Pourian (in person session scheduled for Wed 12/7 at noon)

    • A writing workshop for Pratt faculty in which individuals explore their fundamental assumptions about grading, including an autobiographical exploration of their relationships to it both as instructors and as former students. Helping people uncover and name what they perhaps haven’t yet named to themselves. For this writing workshop, there would be no preparation required.

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