Resources from 2022 Fall Forum

Thank you for joining us for the 2022 Fall Forum: Building Futures of Sustainable Presence. We are grateful to all of the panelists, presenters, and participants, who contributed to this fifth annual Fall Forum. We’ve included on this page recordings and resources shared by participants from some of the panels, based on the permissions given by the presenters.

This page includes resources and/or recordings from the following sessions:

    • Collaborative Future building Part 1
    • Values and Science matter : Perspectives on Creating a Sustainable Society
    • Fulbright : Self Care as a Creative Practice
    • Fall Forum Virtual Kickoff
    • Speculative Fabulation: Four Tomorrows as Projective Futurology
    • Q+A with Pratt Sustainability Center
    • Building Community: Key Takeaways from the Deep Dive Community on Participatory Education
    • Greenbelt Society Network and Sustainable Action Research
    • Collaborative Future Building: Part 2 

CC BY-NC-ND: This work is released under a CC BY-NC-ND license, which means that you are free to do with it as you please as long as you (1) properly attribute it, (2) do not use it for commercial gain, and (3) do not create derivative works.

Collaborative Future building Part 1

Heather Lewis, Carlos Motta, Bethany Ides, Kara Hearn, Jeffrey Hogrefe, Karin Shankar, Caitlin Cahill, Maura Conley, Brian Brooks, Karyn Zieve, Natalie Moore, Layla Zami Micki Spiller, Irina Schneid, and Sara Rafferty

Values and Science matter : Perspectives on Creating a Sustainable Society

Chris Jensen

Fulbright : Self Care as a
Creative Practice

Rhonda Schaller and Sam Harvey

Fall Forum Virtual Kickoff

President Frances Bronet + Center for Teaching and

Speculative Fabulation: Four
Tomorrows as Projective Futurology

Eva Perez de Vega

Q+A with Pratt Sustainability Center

Sustainability Department Coordinators

Building Community: Key
Takeaways from the Deep Dive
Community on Participatory

Irina Schneid

Greenbelt Society Network and
Sustainable Action Research

Enrique Lanz Oca, Jason Vigneri, Rafael de Balanzo, and Natalie Monterrosa

Collaborative Future Building: Part 2

Heather Lewis, Carlos Motta, Bethany Ides, Kara Hearn, Jeffrey Hogrefe, Karin Shankar, Caitlin Cahill, Maura Conley, Brian Brooks, Karyn Zieve, Natalie Moore, Layla Zami Micki Spiller, Irina Schneid, and Sara RaffertyIrina Schneid

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