How can students keep their Milanote resources after graduation?

Students are able to use their Pratt email addresses to join our educational license on Milanote. When a student graduates, they can still access their Pratt email addresses, and will be able to stay on the Pratt license for as long as Pratt continues to subscribe to Milanote.

If a student wants to migrate their Milanote materials out of their Pratt account:

If the student is still able to log into their Milanote account, they can change their account to their personal address in their settings. They can change the email associated with the account by visiting this screen and clicking the Change link next to the email. 

By using this method, students who were on the enterprise plan will be transferred to free accounts. With a free account, users have a limit of 100 cards. Changing an account from paid to free does not remove or delete anything, they will still have access to all of their existing content in Milanote – they just won’t be able to add any new content beyond the free version’s 100 card creation limit until they are added back to a pro account again or purchase one on their own.

If students already have a Milanote account for their personal email address, they can transfer data between accounts using this methodhowever, they’ll need to have a pro subscription on the receiving account to transfer more than 100 cards.

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