Recording: Teaching with sexually explicit materials and dialogic sensitivity

Thank you for joining us on February 16th 2023, featuring presentations by Humanities and Media Studies + the Center for Teaching and Learning

“In this seminar I will talk about my experiences as a scholar and teacher of sexually explicit media within different cultural environments, specifically the Hong Kong undergraduate classroom. I will emphasize the importance of showing diversified explicit arts and media, while being sensitive to the students’ backgrounds and hidden gender/power dynamics. My pedagogy is based on a notion of dialogic aesthetics in art theory, an opening up of definitions and practices of ‘art,’ ‘sexuality’ and ‘pornography’ to foster relations within wider socio-cultural publics and inclusive audiences.”


Katrien Jacobs is Adjunct Associate Professor in Cultural Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and research associate in the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of Ghent. Jacobs has lectured and published widely about sexuality and gender in and around digital media, contemporary arts and online activism. She received several Hong Kong government-funded GRF grants and authored four books about Internet culture and gender/sexuality. In 2022 she published Tit-For-Tat Media: The Contentious Bodies and Sex Imagery of Political Activism (London and New York: Routledge, 2022). Jacobs is also an artist-scholar who has produced documentaries and performance art pieces alongside her academic and ethnographic fieldwork, which can be accessed on

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