Leading with a lie: Scientific inquiry, skepticism, and information access in a General Education Core science class

Date and Time: April 5, 12:30-1:30 (virtual)

In the first week of his undergraduate Science and Society course, Professor Damon Chaky tells a lie. Maybe a lie that you’ve told, also. (It’s really more of a “half-truth”, so don’t be too hard on yourself.)

Whether an outright lie or merely a half-truth, Professor Chaky has found that by calling attention to and unpacking it, students can develop a greater appreciation of the information resources available to them at Pratt, as well offer a more nuanced reflection on what it means to be a learner in higher education. 

Come participate in this Faculty Spotlight, and discover highlights of a multi-week lesson from a “Math and Science Core Menu” General Education course. You’ll encounter a few aspects of inquiry and literacy that cut across scientific disciplines, and maybe learn of some Pratt resources that could inspire your own students, whatever you teach.

Short bio:  Damon Chaky is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Mathematics and Science and a past coordinator of General Education for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He has been an early adopter of many forms of education technology, including video production, with strong interests in universal design for accessibility. He received Pratt’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 2018.

Join us for this online faculty-led series where colleagues highlight a certain classroom practice, use of a technological platform, pedagogical approach, or research on classroom/studio practice they’ve found invaluable and especially relevant for cross-departmental sharing. Each Spotlight takes place virtually and includes about 20 minutes of sharing with plenty of time for questions, answers, and conversation in the rest of our hour together.

Do you have a tool or methodology that you’d like to share with your colleagues? Reach out to us at ctl@pratt.edu about hosting a Spotlight! 

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