Canvas How-To Videos and PDF Guides: Spring 2023

New to Canvas, or need a refresher on any of the topics below? These videos were recorded in Spring 2023 and will be updated as needed.

Click the links for each topic to view the videos & PDFs. If you have any questions, or need a video resource for a different topic, please reach out to

  • Finding your course on Canvas [Video] [PDF]
  • Adding your syllabus to a Canvas course: [Video] [PDF]
  • Publishing a course & using “Student View” [Video] [PDF]
  • How to use Modules to organize the files, assignments, and other information for your course [Video]
  • Changing the left-side navigation of your course [Video] [PDF]
  • Creating a “Home Page” / “Welcome Page” for your course [Video]
  • Using the Canvas Inbox [Video]
  • Creating assignments (and extending assignment dates for students with accommodations) [Video]
  • Discussion boards on Canvas [Video] [PDF]
  • Taking attendance using Canvas [Video] [PDF]
  • Grading submissions (Gradebook and Speedgrader) [Video] [PDF]
  • Namecoach [Video] [PDF]
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