2023 Summer Playground Institute: Imaginative Teaching

We are very excited to announce the 2023 CTL Summer Playground Institute that will run for 6 synchronous half days and 2 asynchronous days in mid-May (see full schedule at the bottom of this page). We invite all Pratt colleagues to join us for Imaginative Teaching, a playful community centered around exploring how classroom pedagogy can be considered through the lens of creative practices.

Imaginative Teaching will consider how your creative practices influences your teaching; and in turn, how does pedagogy shape (or limit or enhance etc) creative practices.  Any and all creative practices will be considered, so we invite colleagues from all schools and disciplines to join us.  We’ll begin exploring questions such as: How do you engage your creative side in the ways that you teach? Where do you find alignment or incongruences between your creative practice and your classroom or studio teaching? In what ways is teaching creative and in what ways is your practice akin to teaching?  Additional topics will be initiated by the curiosity of the group, and may include but not limited to: imagination, creative blocks, worldbuilding, safer spaces, and trust.  

Participants will be asked to collaborate with interdisciplinary colleagues to test out various modalities and practices. Our Playgrounds are always structured as incubators, with time to experiment, share experiences and develop new and innovative teaching modalities. Working together, we will imagine new ways of engaging creative practices directly through teaching.

Disclaimer: Imaginative Teaching is going to be playful by definition. Please apply only if you are comfortable with a more open-format and de-centered approach to learning with colleagues in the community.

Application deadline: Monday, April 24, and we’ll confirm by Thursday, April 27


Stipend: All faculty (part-time and full-time), upon completing all requirements for the Institute, will qualify for a $500 stipend. (We are excited to increase the stipend this year!) Space is limited. 

Modality: Primarily using Zoom and Miro for the Playground, but additional tools might be also integrated. 

Application Process: Please submit your application for the limited spots available by April 24. The selection process will take into consideration the following:

  • Your completed application and commitment to follow through;
  • Your interest in exploring, experimenting with, and creating new modes of teaching through a creative mindset;
  • Your excitement towards forming community bonds and explorative collaboration with your fellow Playground members.

The finalized participants will be announced by April 27. Reach out to ctl@pratt.edu with any additional questions. 

What past participants have said about the Playground Institute:

  • “I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to improve my teaching techniques and build community with my colleagues.”
  • “The Playground has connected me to other professors, who I may be able to collaborate with”
  • “This was a great experience for me. It made me a lot more empathetic to what other faculty and students may be going through.”

2023 Summer Institute – Rough Schedule (subject to change):

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