Fireside Chat: AI and the Classroom

Online, April 27, 12:30-1:30 pm

Jessica J. and Zeina Abi Assy will be in conversation with each other about the role of AI in the classroom, and in the world. The advancement in AI technology has put generative AI tools at our fingertips today, so what are the challenges and opportunities that we are faced with and how can we go about them?

Jessica J. is a creative & design technologist. Her work explores human-machine interaction. She’s currently a visiting assistant professor teaching Transformation Design Studio under the Graduate Communications Design program.

Zeina Abi Assy is a writer, curator, and dialogue producer working in the space of trustworthy/responsible AI. She’s currently teaching Design Writing Studio under the Graduate Communications Design program.

Do you have a tool or methodology that you’d like to share with your colleagues? Reach out to us at about hosting a Spotlight! 

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