Announcing the 2023 Fall Forum: Teaching Now

What does it mean to be an educator in 2023? In this urgent moment, the topic for the next Fall Forum centers around the theme of the ‘Now.’ We are looking to explore what might be calling your attention now as artist, designer, architect and educator as you work with young adults in higher education.

  • How have you and your students changed in the context of this changing world?
  • What might be different about your teaching practices and pedagogies? What have you tried? What has worked and what has failed?  What did you learn from the failures? And how can we look at failures from the past to offer us answers in the now?
  • What kinds of opportunities have shown up in our classrooms and studios now that differ from learning experiences in the past? 
  • How do we hold space for the trauma of the pandemic for faculty and staff along with students? 

This is an open call to all members of our Pratt community, and an invitation to communities and partners beyond the gates as co-facilitators/co-presenters. We’re looking for proposals related to topics listed below, or any others that feel particularly resonant in our current moment. 

For this Forum, we’re looking for two types of proposals: 

  • 50 minute, in person, interactive/workshop sessions in the Pratt Library
  • 10-15 minute recorded presentations to be shared asynchronously 

We’re asking that teams and collaborators who answer this call engage in collectively investigating some of the following themes and questions. 

Being Human

  • Accommodations and student advocacy
  • Student mental health 
  • Shifts in the ways we view critique 
  • Trauma-Informed Pedagogy
  • Generational differences
  • Increased consciousness of labor both in/outside of the classroom

Living on Earth

  • Decolonialist efforts
  • Flexible deadlines 
  • Differentiated assignments 
  • Climate and environmental urgency
  • Authentic community engaged teaching and learning

Teaching and Technology

  • AI in the Classroom
  • Hybridity 
  • Digital Repercussions/ Overload
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