Creative Accommodations (CTL + L/AC) Fall 2023

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), in collaboration with the Learning/Access Center (L/AC), is offering Creative Accommodations, a self-paced series, this Fall semester, punctuated with online synchronous Zoom conversations.

The goal of this series is to support faculty as they respond effectively and appropriately to students with accommodations. The aim is to create a flexible “space” in classrooms to navigate the unexpected and to provide appropriate and empathetic responses while still maintaining a focus on classroom learning.

This series has two parts:

  1. 5 modules of learning to be completed asynchronously on Canvas (self-paced, approximately 2 hours); and
  2. 1 session of an accompanying online conversation (1 hour).
    Participants who complete both parts of the series before 11/03/23 will earn a certificate.

Additionally, part-time faculty will be eligible for a $200 stipend after completing both parts of the series.

Participants will:

  1. Learn some of the most common accommodations on Pratt campus and what they mean for learners and for the classroom;
  2. Learn professors’ responsibilities for students with disabilities who use accommodations;
  3. Discuss and implement appropriate modifications and instructional strategies/interventions.

Creative Accomodations opens on 10/02/23 and must be completed by 11/03/23, with conversation days* held on:

  • 10/18 (12–1pm);
  • 10/24 (10–11am); 
  • 10/26 (3–4pm); and 
  • 10/30 (12–1pm).

*Please sign up for and attend one conversation in order to complete the series.

All submissions must be completed on Canvas by 11/03/23 in order to qualify for completion and a stipend.

Link to enroll in the course will be posted here and sent out as an email from the CTL on October 2nd!

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