Learning Pedagogy – Fall 2023

Geared toward new and long-time faculty alike, the Learning Pedagogy Series, will be an exploration of foundational topics in teaching and learning theory and practice. The series of workshops this semester will focus on specific topics for each session, with time for exploration and community discussion. 

  • Unlearning – online October 3 at 11am – RSVP here
  • Alternatives to Written Assignments – online October 26 at 11am – RSVP here
  • How to Study Your Own Teaching online November 9 at 11 am – RSVP here
  • Discussion Models  in person Tuesday, November 28 at 11am – RSVP here

Our conversations tend to have a pedagogical grounding, so if you’d like to explore some topics, be sure to check out our self-paced online series, Refresh. The workshops will be supported by scholarship and research on teaching and learning, and participants will walk away with concrete next steps for re-thinking their pedagogy. 

Part-time faculty earn a $250 stipend for attending 3 sessions.

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