College Student Wellbeing, Trauma & Resilience Certification – Resources & Reflections

The CTL is happy to announce that eleven members of the Pratt community completed the Florida State University College Student Wellbeing, Trauma & Resilience Certification in the Spring and Summer of 2023. This certification course provided a foundation for knowledge and skills in applying trauma-informed principles in practical ways across the disciplines.  The course offered resources for building positive mental health, supporting student retention and student success.

Click here to explore the resources and reflections shared by the participants who completed the course.

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge their hard work and congratulate them for earning this certificate:



  • Micki Spiller

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Caitlin Cahill
  • Diane Cohen
  • Nada Gordon
  • Erica Morawski

School of Art

  • Megan “Megz” Roberts (SoArt)
  • Lisa Bateman (SoArt)
  • Kara Hearn (SoArt)
  • Michaelanne Helms (Graduate of SoArt)

School of Design

  • Caroline Matthews (SoD)


  • Holly Adams
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