Useful Links from New Faculty Orientation – Fall 2023

Thank you for joining us at New Faculty Orientation on August 24, 2023! Below, you’ll find the resources shared during the Q&A part of the session, as well as some fliers for upcoming events and opportunities.  Click here for the overview of CTL programming this semester!

Resources for Teaching

PrattCard, Pratt Email, and OneKey

  • For information on obtaining your Pratt ID, click here. ID cards can be picked up in the technology office in either the Brooklyn or Manhattan campus. Locations are listed here.
  • Call the Helpdesk at 718.636.3765 for assistance with your OneKey.

Click here for the Fall 2023 Syllabus Template

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Learning/Access Center

Faculty Community Building

  • For faculty working at the Manhattan campus, there are efforts underway in the School of Information to encourage more community building. Check with your department to see what activities are being planned for Manhattan campus instructors.
  • For faculty to touch down after class, check with your department for specific spaces. In addition, there is a faculty space in the PI shop, and join us at the Center for Teaching and Learning on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • Join us at the Community Building Workshop on September 26!
  • As of Fall 2023, Pratt is setting up some Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for faculty and staff, and LGBTQ+ should be one of the first. You’ll likely hear about these opportunities from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.



  • To see what classroom you’re teaching in, and for your full roster and waitlist, navigate to “Self-Service” on, then click on “Faculty” and the name of your course.  
  • In order to know what tech you have in your classroom, reference the “Technology” section below. If you’re teaching in a computer lab, we recommend emailing your lab manager and asking them to meet you there a few minutes before your first class in case you have any issues. For other non-technology equipment and materials in your classroom, check in with your assistant chair.

Office Hours

  • Faculty are required to hold one hour of office hours per course. The requirement doesn’t specify in person or online, and you can check with your chair about what’s common in your department. There may be a departmental space that can be used for office hours, or video calls can be available as well.


  • Faculty can use Starfish to send messages, raise concerns and alerts, ask for assistance, provide feedback and referrals, and create an appointment-making platform.
  • Questions about Starfish, contact:
  • Starfish is a great way to raise flags for students who might need assistance from wellness offices or other resources!


  • For Institute-wide attendance policies, click here.
  • Check with your department to learn about departmental policies for attendance. 
  • You’ll also need to consider accommodations from Learning/Access Center and we also ask you to consider religious and days of cultural significance for students


  • Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Pratt uses. Starfish is an online platform that is a student success tool designed to improve communication and workflows around student engagement and support. 
  • Canvas is the best place to share materials, class information, syllabi, assignment information, files, and more with your students. Sign in with your Pratt OneKey to get started. Here is an overview video of Canvas to get started. When you log on, you will see that your courses have been populated with the students who are enrolled in your classes, and this will continue to happen automatically every semester.
  • All Canvas courses should include the class syllabus, professor contact information, and the link to the class Zoom (if applicable). We also strongly suggest that any files and materials necessary for the course are posted here, so that students can access all necessary information for their courses in one central location. It is up to you how you wish to use Canvas to best support your courses and teaching style, and we will help you navigate Canvas in the way which best suits you and your students. We recommend that if you choose to record attendance and grades, you use Canvas to do so. More about Pratt’s Attendance Policy can be found here.
  • For more information about Canvas, check out the Canvas resources on the CTL’s website. There is a link here to all training options available for Canvas, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Technology tools

  • Call the Helpdesk at 718.636.3765 for assistance with your OneKey.
  • To see what technology your classroom is equipped with, search for your classroom on this spreadsheet. For more information about Technology Enhanced Classrooms at Pratt, reference this website: You will be able to log into any Pratt classroom computer using your Pratt OneKey and password.
  • Launchpad provides access to a cloud-based application streaming service (AWS Appstream) enabling Pratt students, faculty and staff to access software typically found in Pratt’s computer lab via a web browser. Production on one.pratt includes information about Production facilities across campus.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud is available for faculty and students, more info here.
  • Pratt faculty, staff, and students have access to Miro. More info here.
  • Pratt faculty, students, and staff also have access to:
    • Milanote
    • VoiceThread
    • Adobe
    • Kanopy
    • JSTOR
  • Any computer in the classrooms or the labs is OneKey accessible.
  • Reach out to the Technology Desk if you have any issues with the equipment in your classroom.
  • Communicating with students: Some departments are using Slack to communicate with students. Otherwise, use Pratt emails or Canvas inbox. Let students know how they can expect to hear from you!
  • We’re excited to announce that through collaborations with OIA, IT, and CTL, Pratt has now fully integrated NameCoach in onePratt, under “Resources,” with additional features and accessibility for the entire community. By using NameCoach on onePratt, you can learn how to correctly pronounce the names of your students and colleagues and help them to pronounce your name correctly, as well. Please review the brief instructional video here.

Remote Instruction

  • Classes taught remotely can be joined by students from anywhere. A welcome email or survey is a great way to get an idea of whether or not your students have consistent access to wifi and a computer at their home. Be mindful as well what websites and platforms students joining your class from other countries may or may not have access to.
  • Faculty teaching remotely are encouraged to utilize Canvas’s many features, in addition to exploring other learning technologies such as Miro, Milanote, VoiceThread, and Zoom. Please additionally read the Guiding Principles for Quality Online Teaching on the CTL site.

Department questions

  • Check with your department to learn about programs’ full course requirements, differences between sections of the same course, classroom locations and assigned rooms for your courses, and dedicated spaces for faculty to print.
  • Get in contact with your chair if you’re unsure what building and classroom your course is scheduled for. Once you know what classroom you’ll be in, you can check this page to see what equipment is available in that room.
  • Find the syllabus template here, and be sure to check with your department for departmental policies and guidelines that should be included. 

Access to spaces

Pratt Faculty Union Information

Pratt Faculty Senate Information

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