Advisory Group

The Center for Teaching and Learning: Advisory Group

We are committed to hearing input from faculty members in an interdisciplinary setting, to assist in guiding our CTL programming and potential impact. This Advisory Group meets three times each academic year to provide insight and feedback, representing the varied expertise of their departments, backgrounds, and current positions.

We are thankful for our 2021-2022 Advisory Group for their support and guidance:

  • Basem Aly
  • Amy Ballmer
  • Daniel Bergman
  • Kimberly Bobier
  • Anselm Dastner
  • Melissa Eidson
  • Margaret Fox
  • Kara Hearn
  • Christopher Jensen
  • Camille Martin-Thomsen
  • Erica Morawski
  • Clelia Pozzi
  • Heather Shpiro
  • Sophia Sobers
  • Corinne Ulmann
  • Dina Weiss
  • Pirco Wolfframm
  • Daniel Wright
  • Karyn Zieve


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