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Faculty Personal Transformation Pilot –  Spring 2024

Join our faculty-led Personal Transformation pilot program, launching in Spring 2024! Empowering educators for personal, professional, and creative growth, we invite faculty to embark on a shared journey toward development and regeneration. In order to contribute to a vibrant and robust academic community, this Personal Transformation pilot program will focus on addressing core needs and fostering resilience, diversity, and well-being within Pratt Institute.

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CTL Faculty Fellows 2023 Showcase 🗓

The CTL Faculty Fellowship is a year-long program for selected faculty to work on their research projects that advance department-specific and/or cross-disciplinary strategic goals.

We hope you’ll join us to learn from and connect with the Fellows, as well as congratulate them on their accomplishments!

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Recording from Faculty Spotlight: Mentoring Partners

What does mentoring look like at Pratt? In what ways do faculty and students already make themselves available in a mentoring role? How can Pratt facilitate a mentor exchange in a non-hierarchical manner to bridge generations and varying levels of teaching and learning experiences? How can mentoring exchanges be developed and sustained as peer-to-peer between faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students?

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Fall 2023 Course Wrappers 🗓

In these sessions, we will reflect on the semester, discuss the highs and lows in our courses, and contemplate what we want to bring with us into the new semester and what we want to leave behind.

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Resources – Faculty Spotlight: Unlearning Classroom Space

Unlearning Classroom Space: Swati Piparsania’s (School of Design) Fellows project examines, through surveys and deep reading of texts, what are good environments of learning and how changing aspects can promote creativity. Watch the recording here, as Swati shares initial findings and talks about what else is in store for her 2023 Fellows’ project.

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After Affirmative Action Interactive Conversation Part II: Identifying Whiteness in Higher Education 🗓

In light of the upheaval caused by the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action in college admissions, the CTL and Office of DEI are co-hosting a two-part Interactive Conversation on race and higher education. In this second part, we’ll build on concepts of race neutrality, discussed in our first event in the series, and how this obscures whiteness. 

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Community over Commercialization: A Panel Discussion on Open Access and Knowledge Sharing Today

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The Pratt Institute Libraries and the Center for Teaching and Learning offer this panel discussion about how open access models of publishing and knowledge sharing promote community building. Our panelists include Amy Ballmer of Pratt Institute Libraries, Shannon Mattern of UPenn, and Benjamin Tiven of Library Stack (which has just published Shannon’s newest OA essay “Reparative Redaction”).

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