CTL Community Standards

Community Standards

Pratt’s Center for Teaching and Learning fosters a collaborative faculty community that builds on best pedagogical practices across all disciplines and teaching modalities. Learning, exploring complex ideas and having our values challenged can be difficult or stressful, which may result in unintentional harmful acts or language. To that end, we have established a set of community standards that we expect all CTL members and participants to follow.  

Please be respectful, considerate, and courteous through all of your interactions with colleagues. That includes: face-to-face meetings, communication during training sessions, emails to CTL colleagues, posts and comments during Zoom calls, posts on our Slack channel, Canvas, and other social online spaces associated with the CTL.

CTL Guidelines for a Conversation:

  • Before talking or writing, please kindly acknowledge what was said before
  • Listen carefully
  • Be mindful of the ‘space’ you take up
  • Be respectful of people and ideas
  • Be aware of your words, tone and gestures

Download the Guidelines here.

Policy on Recording CTL Programming

As many have asked about the possibility of recording our CTL sessions, we thought it best to be clear about our general recording policies for our events. These guides will work for most situations, but of course we at the CTL are open to revisiting this question as circumstances require or our community sees fit:

    • Pending okay from any of our presenters, formal presentations and hands-on demos (tutorials, etc) may be recorded and posted on our CTL site.
    • Workshops, discussions, conversations, and learning community activities will not be recorded. Instead we might provide takeaways, handouts, or general notes that capture the scope of the conversations in hopes of sharing them with our community.

Tips to help you:

  • Try to be open to new ideas, remember we are are all learning (Lifelong Learning)
  • When communicating, stay on topic and write or speak clearly (Grammarly)
  • Be patient and remember there is a person behind each post or comment (Ground Rules)
  • Practice empathy and allow for any misunderstanding (Mindful Pratt)
  • Remember that we are all experts at our own experience (Guidelines)
  • Respect your colleagues’ privacy (Protecting Privacy)
  • Please cite all shared source materials (Purdue Owl)

Pratt Institute Resources:



Racism, sexism, homophobia and all other biased attacks, discriminations and microaggressions will not be tolerated. Disregarding our CTL Community Guidelines may result in removal from CTL events of sessions or more severe breaking the Guidelines will be reported through appropriate channels at Pratt Institute.

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