Educator Wellbeing

Connect  – Support  – Enact

Be a part of our movement and engage with a community of educators seeking to enact wellbeing within the context of teaching and learning. 

Engage with a community of educators seeking to enact wellbeing in teaching and learning.

Why Educator Wellbeing?

We bring together educators seeking a supportive community in order to share inspiration, practices, and experiences so that we can redefine successful teaching that contributes to a culture where educator wellness is openly addressed.

What can you expect from Educator Wellbeing?


CONNECT: Informal Gatherings — Community meet-ups, book clubs, shared wellbeing practices and playful challenges around various themes throughout the year. 

SUPPORT: Networking with and learning from colleagues — Sharing your experiences through discussion topics and resources on teaching practices and wellbeing strategies. Synchronous member interviews and small group conversations.

ENACT: Team collaboration and thinking together — Sharable collective resources, writing collabs, focus sessions and possible research or writing projects.

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