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The CTL's Guiding Values are

Community Reflection Action

The Center for Teaching and Learning fosters a collaborative faculty community that builds on best pedagogical practices across all disciplines and teaching modalities at Pratt: classroom and studio pedagogy, online and hybrid formats, experiential hands-on learning, and more. The Center aims to create an interdisciplinary, resilient, and reflective learning environment to address the urgency of the ‘now’, ranging from discussing difficult issues in a diverse classroom to larger social and cultural complexities of our times. 

Mission and Community Standards: In order to foster faculty collaborations built on a shared understanding of respect, we have established a set of community standards that we expect all CTL members and participants to follow.

Week-by-Week Support: Weeks 6-10

Approaching Midterm can bring up concerns of both professors and students. Here are some helpful resources to make the most of this time of self-reflection and assessment, and sail smoothly to the end of the term.

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