Resilient Teaching Online

The Center for Teaching and Learning has developed and offered 3 successful rounds of Resilient Teaching Online (RTO), a workshop series designed to instruct and support faculty in the development of inclusive, engaged, high quality classes online and in hybrid format. Faculty participants in the RTO series come away with understanding best practices for online course design and facilitation, creating a plan for building an online classroom community, keeping classes accessible for all, providing meaningful feedback and modeling and responding to complicated scenarios due to Covid19 with resilience. To model an interactive mix of synchronous and asynchronous elements, scheduled Zoom conversations around RTO topics also support our faculty so they can discuss the materials with colleagues across the disciplines.with colleagues across the disciplines.

RTO Impact on Student Experiences and Learning

RTO Impact on Faculty Online Teaching

What’s on the RTO Page?

We’ve designed this series to take place over 5 weeks and 5 modules. On this website we have posted all RTO content, including linked materials, articles and videos for anyone to explore on their own. We have also included directions for Activities we have facilitated and Pratt Faculty Voices, which showcase several examples of how our past RTO participants have responded to those prompts.

The RTO consist of 5 modules:

Module 1Welcoming Environment and Student Success
Module 2Building and Sustaining an Online Community
Module 3Access and Equity Considerations
Module 4Alignment and Technology
Module 5Trauma Informed Pedagogies


We define resilience as your ability to cope with and bounce back from stress and adversity, and hopefully even grow through the experience. We refer to this “thriving” and not just surviving.

In this RTO series, we have encouraged participants to think about creating online teaching and learning environments that promote resilience and wellbeing for all students and for the faculty.  We strongly believe that this wellbeing framework is key for student success and learning as we continue navigating in a fully online or hybrid learning environment.

If you have any questions about this RTO series or other resilient teaching practices; or if you have additional resources to share with us please reach out to us at

Other useful links to get started:

Community Guidelines for RTO Participants

We understand that navigating a fully online learning experience can be stressful. All the more reason to experience it yourself so that you can build up more empathy towards your students in your online classes.

We encourage you to take note of your experiences, both good and bad, both pleasant and frustrating as you go through these Modules. You will find that you will want to copy or imitate some things we’ve done here to set you on a learning path, and you will probably find a lot of things confusing (we are not perfect either and operating under a very quick timeline, as well).

We recommend that before you begin, please review our Community Standards and make sure that you understand and agree to the expectations for interacting with each other in our RTO community.

Interested in Participating?

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Resilient Teaching Online Information

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Recent RTO Announcement

RTO: Special Topics

As a partner to the asynchronous components of our Resilient Teaching Online series, we’ve scheduled module-based Zoom conversations as well as some Special Topics sessions

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