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Community over Commercialization: A Panel Discussion on Open Access and Knowledge Sharing Today

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The Pratt Institute Libraries and the Center for Teaching and Learning offer this panel discussion about how open access models of publishing and knowledge sharing promote community building. Our panelists include Amy Ballmer of Pratt Institute Libraries, Shannon Mattern of UPenn, and Benjamin Tiven of Library Stack (which has just published Shannon’s newest OA essay “Reparative Redaction”).

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After Affirmative Action: Race Neutrality in Higher Education 🗓

Following the Supreme Court’s recent rulings on affirmative action, the CTL and Office of DEI are co-hosting a two-part, participant-led and CTL+DEI-guided Interactive Conversation. In this first part, we will discuss the historical and legal context for these rulings and the potential institutional and classroom implications for our campus, our colleagues, our students, and ourselves.

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Links to Outside Resources

Teaching & Learning Library

The Teaching & Learning Library is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Library to provide access to books and other resources that promote and support pedagogical development on campus. These resources are available both in the collection as well as at the CTL office and cover a  range of topics and interests.

CTL Libguide

Use the CTL Libguide to access:

  • The Teaching and Learning book collection
  • Journals for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research
  • Selected articles and web-guides on teaching strategies and theory
  • Library resources, databases and research help


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