Summer Playground Institute

CTL Summer Playground Institutes run annually for 1-2 weeks in mid-May. We invite all Pratt colleagues to join us for a playful community to explore new practices and pedagogies. Sharing of experience is key as faculty will be asked to collaborate with interdisciplinary colleagues to test out various modalities and practices. Working together, we will build a collective resource that could be directly applied to teaching and critique practices.

2023 Summer Playground theme to be announced in March 2023!

Disclaimer: Summer Playground Institutes are playful by definition. Please apply only if you are comfortable with a more open-format and decentered approach to learning with colleagues in community.

Feedback from past participants:

“I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to improve my teaching techniques and build community with my colleagues.”

“The playground has connected me to other professors, who I may be able to collaborate with”

“This was a great experience for me. It made me a lot more empathetic to what other faculty and students may be going through.”

Past topics have included Critique as Playground, and Synchronous/Asynchronous Pedagogies.


2023 Summer Playground Institute: Imaginative Teaching

We are very excited to announce the 2023 CTL Summer Playground Institute that will run for 6 synchronous half days and 2 asynchronous days in mid-May. We invite all Pratt colleagues to join us for Imaginative Teaching, a playful community centered around exploring how classroom pedagogy can be considered through the lens of creative practices. Click here for more information!

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Critique as Playground

We are very excited to announce our newest CTL 2022 Summer Institute that will run in mid-May. We invite all Pratt colleagues to join us for Critique as Playground, a playful community to explore critique practices and pedagogies for faculty who are serious about establishing their classroom as a supportive and inclusive environment.

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